Sleep: Top Priority For Your Health

What is the most productive action you can take for your health? What is the most productive action you can take for your health? Most people would probably not answer “sleep more”. We have grown to think of time spent “just sleeping” as unproductive time, but in actuality, scientists have discovered that our brains are [...]

How Stress Manifests into Poor Health

When people think about the most common lifestyle factors that contribute to disease, they will likely point to poor diet, lack of activity, or smoking. But very few people realize that chronic stress is the leading factor in disease and illness. Many of the daily habits, routines, and even relationships that we often take for [...]

Gut Bacteria: The “Good Guys”

For many years, bacteria has earned a bad reputation but recent scientific research is showing us we need to look differently at our relationship to these tiny “good guys”, especially those that live in our gut. Did you know that we have more bacterial cells living on us and within us than actual human cells? [...]

The Gut: Your Body’s 2nd Brain

The Gut: Your Body’s 2nd Brain We often assume that the brain is the only organ sending control messages to the body, but recent research suggests that your gut may have just as much to say when it comes to the overall health and wellness of your entire body. Gut health is a topic that [...]

Mindset: Striving for Inner Peace and Contentment

Mindset: Striving for Inner Peace and Contentment Is the pursuit of success and the pursuit of inner peace compatible? We often associate inner peace and contentment with lack of motivation or even laziness, while we associate success with relentless drive and tenacity. Let’s explore the possibility that the two can complement each other, rather than [...]

Mobility: Stand up! Your Life Depends on it.

Mobility: Stand Up! Your Life Depends on it. Most of us are attached to our computers and phones because our jobs and lives require it. However, the posture we resort to while typing, texting, or scrolling has many physical and mental repercussions. We know that identifying the problem only gets us so far; that’s why [...]

Brain Health: Give Your Mind What it Deserves

Brain Health: Give Your Mind What It Deserves Brain health impacts physical and cognitive efficiency. Studies show that people who have good brain health are less likely to be diagnosed with diseases like dementia or Alzheimer’s. In addition good brain health promotes strong heart health and impacts just about every aspect of our human existence. [...]

The Caveman had it Right: Our body’s Internal Clock

The Caveman Had it Right: Our Body’s Internal Clock Modern man, in the grand scheme of evolution, is but a blip on the radar, yet for some reason we think we can outsmart millions of years of human development without any consequences. Just as the sun balances the moon and day balances night, so must [...]