Brain Health: Give Your Mind What it Deserves

Brain Health: Give Your Mind What It Deserves

Brain health impacts physical and cognitive efficiency. Studies show that people who have good brain health are less likely to be diagnosed with diseases like dementia or Alzheimer’s. In addition good brain health promotes strong heart health and impacts just about every aspect of our human existence.

Brain Health Index, or BHI, is a measurement that is seldom used outside the health and wellness world. BHI measures social, emotional, physical, nutritional, and medical factors’ impact on your brain and evaluates your current health. While we might think that the aforementioned influences are segmented into their own categories, each one intersects with the other and greatly impact our brain health.

Here are four easy ways to increase your Brain Health Index starting today:

Rest Your Brain: According to The Cleveland Clinic, your brain processes 70,000 thoughts a day. Even on our least productive days, our brains are working hard. That is one of the reasons why it is so important to get proper sleep each night. How you prepare for rest also impacts your ability to rest, so consider making a list of your next day’s objectives before bed so that you can quiet your mind and sleep well.

Feed Your Brain: One very simple way to help promote brain health is through food. Most people attest that food has the power to make us either feel lethargic or energized. Foods rich in antioxidants help to fight harmful oxidation in the brain, which can dramatically help our brain’s overall health. In addition, eating colorful vegetables and fruits ensure that you’re getting the necessary vitamins and nutrients to nourish your brain. Eat the rainbow- go for tomatoes, oranges, bananas, spinach, and blueberries!

Train For Your Brain: Being physically active helps your brain stay alert and healthy because of the increased blood that flows to the brain when the heart pumps faster. This blood flow promotes brain cell growth and connectivity!

Entertain Your Brain: Simply put, go have some fun! Increased levels of dopamine are released when we are doing fun, social things. Spending time with friends, going to the beach, and even riding a rollercoaster can help our brain health.

Implement these few simple habits in order to improve brain health and overall longevity. If you’re interested in learning more about BHI or are interested in taking a BHI test, register here!

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